Board of Directors

Dr. Rolf Käse, Chairman of the Board

Dr. Käse is currently a member of and spokesman for the Tubaflex GmbH, a group of private investors who provide seed money for early stage start-up …

Dr. Klaus Stöckemann

Dr. Stöckemann co-founder of Peppermint VenturePartners and one of the managing partners in the Charité Biomedical Fund. As a former General Partner in the international Healthcare …

Wolfgang Lubert

Managing Partner and co-founder of Enjoy Venture, managing Hannover Beteiligungsfonds, Hannover/Germany, a local VC investing in life science and technology.

Günter Steffen

Managing Partner at Born2Grow, HeilbronnGermany, a seed and start-up fund in new technologies and life sciences.

Dr. Gottfried Zaby

Dr. Gottfried Zaby is currently managing director of ALEMA GmbH, which provides seed money for early stage start up companies and Consulting. For 23 years …