IOP Team

Max G. Ostermeier (MBA)

is co-founder and General Manager of Implandata Ophthalmic Products GmbH. He has extensive experience in the commercial development of technologically advanced products, in building operational capabilities for aggressively growing companies and in creating businesses, attracting potential acquirers in the global market. [+]
As serial entrepreneur he was founder and General Manager of a German medical device start-up, developing a new to the world portable medical device for rapid detection of intracranial bleedings, which was acquired by a US based company in 2007. Mr. Ostermeier was also co-founder and CEO of a medical technology company with innovative neuro surgical products whose technology was acquired 4 year after foundation by a leading US medical device company. Prior to that he was instrumental in creating for a globally leading fine chemistry company their biotech entity, where he served as General Manager and Vice-President until this company was divested.
Stefan Meyer  (Electronical Engineer)

is co-founder and CTO of Implandata Ophthalmic Products GmbH. He has more than ten years experience in development of novel medical products meeting regulatory standards and market acceptance criteria. [+]
He was co-founder of a medical technology company with innovative neuro-surgery products whose technology was acquired 4 year after foundation by a leading US medical device company. Thereafter he was responsible for technology transfer. Stefan Meyer was instrumental in developing Implandata Ophthalmic Products GmbH’s technology platform and utilizing this platform for products within medical applications. He is author of multiple medical technology patents.
Dr. med. Kaweh Mansouri (Ophthalmologist)

Dr. Kaweh Mansouri is Consulting Ophthalmologist at Clinique de Montchoisi, Lausanne, while he is also engaged as Chief Medical Officer at Implandata.  [+]
After his education at the Medical University of Vienna/Austria, Dr. Kaweh Mansouri completed his ophthalmologist education at Medical University Schools in Basel, Geneva and Lausanne/Switzerland, followed by a fellowship at the Hamilton Glaucoma Center of the University of California San Diego/USA. Beside his various clinical responsibilities, Dr. Kaweh Mansouri is an engaged glaucoma researcher, especially in the field of 24h intraocular pressure measurement and circadian intraocular pressure fluctuation. On top, he is Associate Professor at the Department of Ophthalmology at University School of Medicine, Denver/USA, as well active member in the European Glaucoma Society and the World Glaucoma Society and scientific advisor to several renowned ophthalmic companies.
Thomas Schneider (Dip. Ing. FH Feinwerktechnik / Augenoptik)

Head of Sales & Marketing | +49 (0) 511 2204 2580
Melanie Pfeifer (Master of Arts Marketing, Sales and Media)

Operations Assistant - Focus on Marketing and PR | +49 (0) 511 2204 2580
Dr. Huan Sun (PhD in Regenerative Sciences)

Head Quality Management, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs
Janina Hadeler (Master of Science in Clinical Optometry)

Clinical Study Manager | +49 (0) 511 2204 2580
Jacqueline van den Bosch  (Master of Medicine)

Clinical Research Assistant
Dr. Miganoosh Abramian  (PhD in Biomedical Engineering)

Senior Engineer R&D and Clinical Trials | +49 (0) 511 2204 2580
Dr. Jörn Reinders (Senior Engineer R&D and Processes)

Product Development Engineer | +49 (0) 511 2204 2580
Dr. Wouter van Drunen  (Dr. rer.nat. Physik)

Senior Engineer R&D and Clinical Trials
Jonas Wippich  (Master of Science Mechanical Engineering)

Produktionsingenieur | +49 (0) 511 2204 2580
Tido van Hove  (Staatlich Geprüfter Techniker)

Development Technician | +49 (0) 511 2204 2580
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